April 16, 2011


Domain Name Registering

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Estimated Time: 5 minutes.
All You Need Is: Internet access and a valid credit card.

There are many fine domain name registrars in the web. A “Domain Name Registrar” is a third-party entity that registers your domain name on your behalf, giving you all the rights and control over the domain name you choose.

There are several domain name extensions to choose from, such as “.com”, “.net”, “.org”, “.info”, and so on.

We recommend you try to get your desired domain name on a “.com” extension first. The next best extension is “.net”. From there on you could also pick a geo-targeted extension such as”.us” for United States, “.au” for Australia, “.ca” for Canada. These geo-targeted extensions work well when you are only targeting one specific country. Since most online stores usually want a global reach, choosing “.com” or “.net” are your best options.

Registering a regular “.com” domain name should only cost you around $11.00 or $12.00 A YEAR. This registration should give you access to the DNS Name Servers so you can then point it to your online store. The DNS Name Servers are just a list of numbers (IP addresses) that your Domain Name will point to (direct to).

The registrar we suggest using for functionality, stability, and price is GoDaddy. These company has a huge infrastructure, good domain name protection to avoid other people from stealing it from you, and excellent 24/7 phone support.

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