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June 14, 2011


What to Expect

Opening an Online Store can be an exciting idea! Knowing that you can reach millions of people 24 hours 7 days a week from the comfort of your office or home office can give you a great boost to begin with, but… What should you expect when starting an online business? For the first month[…]

June 1, 2011


What is a Payment Gateway?

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A Payment Gateway is a third-party software that process the transaction between your customer and your Merchant Account. Every online store needs a Payment Gateway; and there are plenty to choose from. Payment Gateways make money by charging you a percentage of each transaction, usually somewhere around 3%. A good way to save money on[…]

May 13, 2011


Search Engine Optimizing Your Online Store

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Online stores differ from regular websites on the sense that most shopping carts use a template or the same source code structure for all the product pages in the site. This makes thing a lot easier when optimizing product pages because you only need to edit the source code once to optimize all product pages[…]

May 9, 2011


Selling Digital Products or Goods Online

Selling digital products online is a great idea! Why? Because you produce 1 digital product and you can sell it 1,000,000 times or more! How? You need to use a secure platform that will allow your customers to download the product a limited # of times. This is accomplished by using a unique ID or[…]

May 4, 2011

April 21, 2011


Hosting Your Online Store

Hosting your online store is actually very simple. “Hosting” means a space on the web (a computer’s hard drive) that is up and running 24/7 so people can access your store anywhere in the world, at any time. Many shopping cart platforms such as BigCommerce, CoreCommerce, Volusion, and others offer a “hosted solution” for your[…]

April 16, 2011

April 14, 2011


Opening An Online Store

Opening an online store this year is the smartest move you can make. With more people shopping online than ever before, you have a great opportunity to position your products in front of millions of potential customers. We are proud to announce the launch of this new website which will hopefully become your knowledge source[…]

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